Wexiödisk is first in the world to introduce the double-final rinse technology for hood dishwashers. 

Our patent means that the rinsing process uses considerably less fresh water than traditional final rinsing systems. In fact, only 1 liter of fresh water is used per cycle, which is remarkably low. 

This low water consumption together with the minimized use of chemicals and electricity makes the WD-6 DUPLUS the perfect choice for a modern kitchen with the environment in mind.  

The new patented DUPLUS technology minimises the water consumption to almost nothing. The secret is that in the first rinsing phase the WD-6 DUPLUS only uses recirculating rinsing water from the previous washing cycle. In the second rinsing phase the machine uses fresh-water at a temperature of 85-90°C. The rinse water from the second phase is collected to be used for the next washing cycle. 

The new innovative DUPLUS technology saves water, chemicals and electricity in the dishwashing room and makes it the best choice for a modern and professional kitchen.