About Wexiödisk


Wexiödisk AB was founded in 1972.
The three founder members, with experience from production of catering equipment, saw a possibility to supply a range of dishwashers within reach for distributors outside the large established organisations.
Through knowledge, foresight and also an ambition to offer something really good a range of quality machines was created.
The extraordinary high quality gave quick selling success even outside Sweden.


Our ambition from the start has been that all our customers are satisfied.
Therefore we focus on being able to offer operation safety, low operation costs and also a good working environment. In other words an early focus on Life Cycle Cost. Excellent dishwashing results goes without saying.


We have carefully chosen our partners who distribute, sell and service our products. Together, through a close dialogue, a good product support system and training, we fulfil our customers expectations. Today Wexiödisk is the leading supplier in Scandinavia, with not only a distribution network in Europe but also for example in Japan and Australia. During later years Wexiödisk have even had prestigious projects in the inflight catering sector, a customer group with very high demands.


We will continue our focus on product development, to keep and improve customer satisfaction by having a competitive an technically advanced product range. To realize it we use latest technology together with skilled and competent employees. A complete production set up from raw materials to final product test, equipped with automated machines and robots secure quality and accessibility.


Dishwashers use large amounts of energy, water and chemicals.Therefore in more recent years Wexiödisk have focused even more on the environmental aspect, which has led to the development of new unique products.ICS+ and Duplus are two of the new patented techniques that reduce the environmental impact. This also reflects in considerable lower operation cost.


Wexiödisk is situated in the town of Växjö in South Sweden.The plant is about 11000sqm.The number of employees is about 160.


Every installation should be a good reference.