PRESS RELEASE Rhima expands on the German food market service

Manufacturing one of the most comprehensive portfolios of warewashing equipment in Europe, Wexiödisk appliances are renowned for exceptional reliability, outstanding versatility and unparalleled efficiency. Now, in a move, which is set to expand further on Wexiödisk’s Europe-wide distribution network, the company has announced that leading Dutch distributor, Rhima, will be supplying Wexiodisk equipment throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and now the German foodservice markets.
Rhima, a specialist in the distribution of innovative dishwashing solutions for over 50 years, has been a lead partner for Wexiödisk within their native Netherlands and the Belgian market, where the company has a strong brand presence, for a number of years. Now, following the distributor’s announced expansion into Germany, Wexiödisk has seized the opportunity to enhance their distribution channels in this key area:

Paul van der Top, Owner of Rhima comments:
“Rhima was founded over 50 years ago in 1965 and has been selling professional dishwashing equipment for restaurants, hotels, hospitals and other foodservice businesses ever since. With our expertise in this sector, Rhima is not only a specialist in dishwashers, but also in the dishwashing process. We not only offer advice on which machine is best for a business, but also look at the logistics such as labour costs, energy consumption and chemical use. We pride ourselves on offering everything from the installation to the complete service of a professional dishwashing area.”

Experts in the design and installation of dishwashing solutions and state-of-the-art washrooms, Rhima continues to follow an ethos of quality and unique ergonomic design. Combining five decades of experience, Rhima’s technical team pride themselves on transforming the technical details and features of key appliances into undisputable value and worth for an individual customer’s needs.

With the distribution rights for Wexiödisk appliances, branded under the Rhima name in both the Netherlands and now Germany, the company will manage sales, installation and service across these key European territories as Managing Director for Rhima Germany Gert Jansen comments:
“With over half a century of experience in the Dutch and more recently the Belgian foodservice markets, we are delighted to announce the expansion of our services into the German sector. We have been working with partners in Germany for a number of years, but this latest move will see a sustained focus in what we believe to be a key market for Rhima: We are delighted to continue our partnership with Wexiödisk and become the distributor their portfolio of appliances throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Built to exceptional standards and delivering remarkable efficiencies, Wexiödisk dishwashing appliances are some of the best on the market.”

Wexiödisk has previously worked with other German distributors to service customers throughout the country; however, the new deal with Rhima is expected to deliver comprehensive sales support and aftersales packages to new and existing customers:

“We’ve worked with Rhima in Europe for a number of years and have been immensely impressed with their commitment to the customer and their understanding of the very best in dishwashing solutions. We are looking forward to working closely with Rhima to develop opportunities and expand our presence in the German market.”
Magnus Titusson, Chief Executive Officer at Wexiödisk AB

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