Information of new billing routines for our customers

In order to get a more efficient invoicing routine and at the same time raise the level of service to our customers, Wexiödisk will soon switch to new routines for how customer invoices are distributed.

Wexiödisk will mainly use the following ways to distribute customer invoices;

1. E-invoice (.xml format)

2. Pdf-invoice by mail

We kindly ask you to choose one of the above options and indicate to which digital address the invoice should be sent. Note that distribution via .xml format will first be put into use during the second quarter of 2019, so if this choice is desired, we also ask you to supplement your answer with an email address that the invoice will be sent during the transition period. If you are unable to receive invoices digitally, the invoice will, as before, be sent via regular mail on paper.

You reply immediately to the following address:

We ask that you respond promptly, as our new routines begin to apply on March 1, 2019.