Our new challenger – your next choice

WD-90 DUO is an environmentally and user friendly Hood Type Combi Dishwasher, perfect for restaurants and small institutional kitchens where the rate and diversity of dishware are high. Among other features WD-90 DUO reduces the need for time-consuming tasks such as soaking and scrubbing. Instead it uses plastic granules in combination with water and detergent to remove burnt-on food quickly and effectively. 

 WD-90 DUO also includes a condensing unit, which saves energy and offers a considerably improved working environment. In the condensing unit the steam and its heat are retained and reused instead of being released into the dish room. As a result the need for ventilation is significantly reduced. 

The unique DUO-system makes it easy to switch between standard ware and heavily soiled items, which enables washing of different types of containers as well as normal dishware. On top of all this, the robust design, made of high-grade stainless steel, allows for an exceptional long service life.

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