Wexiödisk has been awarded the FCSI “Sustainable Catering Equipment Award 2013”

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Wexiödisk’s innovative and sustainable pre-rinse machine WD-PRM6 was awarded at the CESA Conference in association with the FCSI and BHA at the Savill Court Hotel & Spa in Windsor.

“With a heritage built on the very best in manufacturing, combined with a genuine interest in sustainability and the environment, Wexiödisk has developed one of the most genius product ranges on the market. To be recognised in an award such as this is a fantastic acknowledgement for all involved in the company,” says UK & Ireland Country Manager for Wexiödisk, Simon Frost.

The award-winning Wexiödisk WD-PRM6 has been designed and developed to replace the more traditional pre-wash hand shower Compared with an average establishment using a typical hand shower, based on 150 baskets a day, the savings are truly remarkable:

  • Up to 200,000 litres of water per year
  • Up to 40% reduction on cleaning chemicals per year
  • Up to 8,000kw of electricity per year
  • Up to 4,200kg of CO2 per year

In addition to the figures above, the PRM machine significantly improves the logistic solution and cuts working hours. Experience has showed as much as a 30% decrease in labour hours.

Wexiödisk has built on over 40 years of commercial warewashing experience to create a range of super-efficient, high quality, pioneering appliances suitable for specification in all types of catering establishment.