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Varbergs Kurort is right by the sea and is Sweden’s only seawater spa. “At the hotel we serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to between 100 and 300 guests every day,” says Head Chef Johan Blidberg. 

People come here to relax and enjoy good food. The hotel has received awards such as “Sweden’s best spa” from “Leva” magazine, while the kitchen was also named “Sweden’s best spa kitchen 2012” by International SpaStart. 


When Varbergs Kurort decided to invest in new dishwashers, there were a lot of boxes that had to be ticked. One of those was to satisfy the hotel’s strict environmental requirements. 

It has a Nordic Ecolabel for its handling and choice of raw materials. 

So it goes without saying that the new machines had to be environmentally friendly. 

Another requirement was cleaning power. “Food should be enjoyed, whether it is lentils on a plate or a dessert full of cream. Part of that enjoyment comes from everything being fresh and clean – and that’s where the importance of having clean dishes comes into play,” explains Johan. 

Two other important requirements were improving the work environment in the kitchen and increasing the capacity. “With 300 guests a day, we need our dishwashers to do their job perfectly. And for the wellbeing of our staff, it is important to reduce the amount of heavy lifting, to avoid manual pre-rinsing and to have better quality air in our work environment,” continues Johan. 

Their supplier advised them to invest in a slightly larger solution. “They suggested the Wexiödisk WD-PRM6, which eliminates the need for manual pre-rinsing, alongside the WD-6 dishwasher. We took their advice and we are incredibly glad we did – we have got a great deal for our money,” says Johan. “The dishes are always sparkling clean and we can wash a lot more dishes in the same time than before. And we have saved energy, water and detergent into the bargain – not to mention our backs! The level of moisture and steam in the dishwashing area has also fallen significantly,” he continues.