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Magnus Titusson, 45, is the new CEO at Wexiödisk. He considers himself to be a good listener and a committed leader, with both feet firmly on the ground. And his lifestyle is that of a typical Swede. He drives a Volvo, lives in Värnamo and is married with three children. When he sits down in front of the TV it is usually to watch a football match, preferably with a cold beer to hand. And as a football fan he is only too keen to travel to London.

To begin with, Magnus will be getting his teeth into the process of change we have already begun with the aim of achieving stronger growth. At the same time he already has some more long-term targets in his sights. In five years’ time, Magnus sees Wexiödisk having achieved growth and established itself on new markets. The company will have sales of at least SEK 320 million and we will still be renowned for our world-class innovation, quality and production.

Magnus’s route to becoming CEO of Wexiödisk took in a civil engineering degree in machine technology at The Institute of Technology at Linköping University in 1993. This was followed by a position at ABB Fläkt Industri until 2000. Between 2000 and 2014, Magnus worked for Rapid Granulator AB, first as Head of Development, then as Local Area Manager and finally as the company’s CEO.

Magnus’s professional role models are local talent Gerteric Lindqvist at NiBE and on the global scene Leif Östling at Scania.

 Welcome to Wexiödisk, Magnus!