The church goes green

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Marzian explained there are more benefits to going green than just the environmental aspect.
 “Green is not just only about the energy you are saving, to me it’s more encompassing, that when you buy a real green appliance, you are saying to yourself, I am taking this step to better my community.” “Even though the cost is higher, the energy savings far outweighs the initial costs,” Marzian said. “In the long run, you recoup all of that cost in the energy savings, the labour, the chemicals you use, that is really where the green comes out in that sense.”
Marzian explained the pride he feels when selling green products, and used the equipment in the new
Bethel Pentecostal Church kitchen as an example.
“This kitchen here, is probably the best in all of northern Alberta in green, I don’t think anybody is even
close to this facility,” he said.
Wexiödisk, is known for making high-end green products, and is favoured by Marzian. “I really work just with Ali Group Equipment. I took that step because I wanted to have a product that I know the factory will stand behind,” Marzian said. “They stand behind me, and they help me, and that’s what it is, it’s like a partnership. Going green one dish at a time Wexiödisk is the line that produces the dishwasher purchased for the church, and includes a number of unique features.

Some features include the automatic lift hood, which will lift with the push of a button. The dishwasher uses cold water, which is heated by recouped energy that is normally wasted. “When the door opens, it sucks in all of that hot wasted air, and we convert it into energy, and we use it to heat the water,”