Wexiodisk certified according to ISO 14001:2004

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Wexiödisk recently received the ISO 14001:2004 environment certificate by the accredited certification company Intertek.
Quality and Environmental Manager Anders Bergman has pushed the work internally and can now proudly show off the environmental certificate for Wexiödisk.
"We have for some time experienced that a certified environmental work is increasingly decisive in sale of products and systems. An environmental effort like 14001 often takes a long time to implement but when we in autumn 2014 did an environmental review it showed that many of the requirements for certification were already implemented in the business, says Anders Bergman. 
"From the decision was taken to pursue the certification program, it has been a lot of work, but both management and staff have helped and shown great commitment so the certification requirements would be met "
In April 2015 the work was finalized and the certification was received.
The management system according to ISO 14001: 2004 applies internationally and shows that we have made an active choice to continually improve our processes and work in the environmental field, especially regarding Eco-friendly products. It gives us more opportunity to market ourselves internationally, strengthens our brand and creates security and confidence in the work with our customers and suppliers.