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A range of highly efficient granule pot washers with or without granule technology.

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    A robust and reliable potwasher machine with a large washing area and foldable shelf as an option.

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    Flexible combi-dishwasher that washes both heavily soiled loads and normal loads with perfect result, thanks to adjustable washing pressure.

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    WD-90GR Flex

    Potwashing with granules for various types of items such as pots, grills with GN dimensions and small mixing bowls

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    WD-90GR HC

    Potwashing with granules with high capacity when washing 1/1 and ½ containers

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    WD-90 DUO

    Wexiödisk’s HOOD TYPE COMBI DISHWASHER WD-90 DUO with plastic granules clean effectively and ensures high levels of hygiene at very low operating costs. The unique DUO-system makes it easy to switch between standard ware and heavily soiled items.

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    Potwashing with granules for the most heavily soiled loads. System with through-feed which gives a large capacity and high levels of hygiene and ergonomics.