Accessories potwashers with granules.

Accessories granule potwashers.

See also complete lists with pictures that are available for downloading below at this webpage!

Granules and Cleaning scraper

When ordering granulates, we recommend delivery at pallet to reduce the risk of transportation injuries.
- A 1/2-pallet contains five (5 pcs) buckets of WD209.7260.
- A 1/1-pallet contains ten (10 pcs) buckets of WD209.7260.

  • Accessories and extra equipment WD-90DUO.
    Uploaded 28.05.2015.

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  • Accessories and extra equipment WD-90GR.
    Updated 03.05.2016.

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  • Accessories and extra equipment WD-100GR.
    Uploaded 28.05.2015.

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