Electrical motors

Replacing electrical motors (feeding, fans and pumps)

When replacing the motor items, we recommend the following to avoid problems and possible visits.

  1. Read the current value of the rated current of the new motor plate and compare it with the value of the rated power of the engine to be replaced.
  2. Adjust the current value of the motor protection* (if available) so that it complies with the new engine value.
  3. After the change of the component (engine change) should control the operating current can be measured with the help of pliers amperemeter so that it does not exceed the value of nameplate with more than 10%. Checked in at "full load".
  4. If the measured value exceeds the value of the motor nameplate, get the motor protection* adjusted up to a maximum of 10%.

* There are two commonly used ways to protect a motor against overload, over temperature and thus any risk of engine damage or overheating.
- Motor protection and motor protection switch. Used in our larger dishwashers.
- Over temperature protection in motor windings. Used in many of our dishwashers and unloading pumps.
  These can be designed in such a way that they either in serial of the motor winding or connected in series with the contactor.

In case of doubt or questions regarding the above, please contact technical support at Wexiödisk.